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Forrester Secondary School


Forrester Secondary School


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1. IC/OOC. Just because your character doesn’t get like another character, doesn’t mean you have to hate that characters player. Also, just because you know something, doesn’t mean your character does. If someone marks something private, your character doesn’t know. Everyone got that? Good.

2. You must have a grasp of basic grammar and spelling. It’s really not asking for much, just remember to capitalize after periods and know the difference between their, there, and they’re, and we should be good. If you’re not sure about your spelling, use spell check.

3. Yes, this is an AU. No, that doesn’t mean your character can be extremely OOC. Try to as IC as possible.

4. Character journals should be updated at least every two weeks. That is the maximum amount of time allowed between journal updates. If your character journal hasn’t been updated in over two weeks, you will get a warning. If the journal hasn’t been updated within a week after the warning, it will be assumed you don’t want to be in the community anymore, and you will be removed.

5. With that said, if you’re going to be away for an extended period of time, please let me know. I really don’t want to remove characters just because someone forgot to mention that they were leaving for awhile.

6. You may role-play here through threading, or instant messengers. Remember, if you role-play over instant messengers, to post the log to the log community.

7. If you have questions about anything at all, don’t be afraid to ask me. There will be a post on the mod journal where you can comment with a question, and yes, the comments will be screened.

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